pozycjonowanieA web site is not a form of advertising. It is a shop, office or other online service centre. As an ordinary place in the city needs a nice window and a suitable range of goods, also in case of a web site graphics and texts on the page are very important. However, even a perfectly made site will not bring you profit if it is not visible in the Internet. It will be like a supermarket in the middle of Sahara desert.



Positioning is a number of activities leading to give a web site the highest possible position on the list of search results when we look for some word or expression in a browser.
     Today more than 70% of market of Internet browsers belongs to google. Hence, positioning in other browsers has no sense. The boom of a branch connected with positioning, which has taken place in recent years, has been efficiently fought down by Google for a few months. Most cheap methods based on automatic activities are becoming useless. They are less and less effective and more and more risky. Nowadays, positioning demands continuous, arduous work on a site and, unfortunately, some investment.
     That is why in case of positioning we treat each page individually. We depend on a fundamental assumption of google – naturalness of results. We join activities connected with positioning with other methods of online marketing.



Sponsored links (SEM) in a browser (nowadays Google is a dominating one) are recommended to clients usually as soon as before starting the page’s positioning and in its initial stage. It is a simple tool used to check what passwords use the visitors of our web page. Thanks to this, later positioning has better effects.
     Google also enables a display of sponsored links on the pages of its partners. Among the partners there are various sites. From small sites containing a few subpages to huge portals, among others During targeting of an advertising campaign relying on sponsored links many things depend on how elaborated it is. Usually our links are displayed on pages (or subpages) that are thematically related to our advertisement. This allows us to reach users belonging to our target group. Additionally such links support a positioning process of our web site.
     A drawback of sponsored links is that they are expensive. However, if they were relatively cheap, web site positioning would have no sense.



Advertising banners and other forms of graphic advertising, often popping up in windows that are difficult to close, do not have good reputation nowadays. The reason of this fact is that this type of advertising is aggressive and often even force the user to click on the window. The effect is often adverse, as accidental visit on a site that is promoted in such a way are not equivalent to an actual interest in the offer. Additionally, in this way you can destroy a good image of a company or brand.
     A well-designed advertising banner helps to create an image of a brand in the Internet, even if it does not result in a great number of direct visits on the site. At the very moment when an advertisement is displayed, the Internet user may not need advertised shoes or household equipment . However, this situation may change. If the advertisement attracted him before, he will choose a product of the brand that he already knows even having a choice of a hundred different products.



Traffic creation is a part of online marketing, whose effect is the greatest possible number of visitors on our site. Not only quantity but also quality is important. That is why we aim to gain traffic from such places that guarantee that visitors to our site will be in a group of people to whom the advertisement is addressed.

We gain visits on site mainly using methods mentioned above, that is:

  • Sponsored links in google or on partner sites,
  • Positioning a site on a high position during a browser use,
  • Banners and text advertisements on sites

But not only. These may be, among others:

  • Sponsored articles,
  • Various forms of viral marketing,
  • Mailing sent to users of vertical and horizontal portals,
  • .... and many more methods.

Their choice is strictly dependent on a specific character of the site, its offer, the company etc. That is why we always offer an individual approach.



Creation of brand’s image in the Internet is a long-term activity. Its effect cannot be described in a way typical for an advertisement:

I saw -> I clicked -> I bought

     The effect is usually not immediate but it is based on one of basic marketing rules. Clients usually buy products of brands they know or about which they have heard something before. The pattern is as follows:

I needed -> I searched -> I chose

     A scale of income gained owing to well-done creation of brand’s image may be much higher than the one earned on a direct advertising. We choose methods of brand’s image creation individually. It is difficult to generalize as each company and each product is different.


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